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We restore paintings with the current museum standard of using Beva for repairs and if needed, linings. Every restoration is reversible if needed at any time in the future and is harmless to the work of art. Most paintings simply need small repairs and just a cleaning to bring back the full original life and color. We never “over restore” and keep works as original as possible keeping the best value for your treasured works going forward.
Cleaning a mid century painting .jpg

Cleaning a mid century painting 

Cleaning and restoration of 19th century

Cleaning and restoration of 19th century family portrait in progress

Restoring a 19th century italian paintin

Restoring a 19th century Italian painting


Painting restoration

Cleaning Nicotine.jpg

Cleaning nicotine off of a 20th century painting


We use the traditional 22kt Gold leafing technique for frames and finishing to restore gilded frames from the 18th, 19th and early 20th century. Every step is traditional from carving, mold making, gesso, clay and real 22kt gold leaf to make every frame as authentic as possible, blending with a antique wash to match the original period finish and age.
Restoration of 22 kt gold gilding on ant

22kt Gold gilding


22kt Gold gilding


Frame restoration



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